The trouble with being desperate.

I was encouraged to keep doing this site by someone who will remain nameless.  Actually, he encouraged me to do my podcast as he thinks I have some insight to offer the world.  So I am here blogging today because I don’t have my set up yet to do another podcast.  But I will when I do.

I just want to say a few words on the trouble with being desperate.  We all have times in our life when we feel more needy and insecure.  These are the times that certain types of people or groups will seek to take advantage of us.

Let yourself feel.  Feel what you feel, but be aware.  A nefarious group or person will “love bomb” you at this time in order to gain control over you.  The acceptance will “feel so good”.  Don’t be fooled by that.

If something is freely given that is a good thing.  But you have to sort out the people and groups that are not giving you emotional support for free.  Once they know they have you hooked on the feeling, they will take advantage of you.  I apologize if I sound cynical and maybe I am sometimes.  But when you have been hurt and abused sometimes you swing in the opposite direction and go to the other extreme.  I think this is natural and I encourage people, including myself, to find balance.


Cult of Celebrity Strikes Again…

Nununu is a no, no no!  Perhaps by now you have heard the news of Celine Dione’s new clothing line teaming up with a company called Nununu for gender neutral clothes for kids.  It is a free country.  People and businesses can do what they want within the law.

Is there more to this story?  Could this all be a publicity stunt or do people actually want to dress babies in black, white and grey clothes with skulls on them?

If you want to see what all the fuss is about google Celine Dione’s Gender Neutral Clothing line.  I don’t want to put any links here.  Talking about it is even risky as it gives them more attention and publicity WHICH may be their “plan” all along!? IDK.

Make up your own mind.

Choose for yourself.

I watched the commercial and my personal opinion is that is was a very dark advertisement that opened my eyes to watch is going on all around us.  I often thought the commentators on youtube were nuts jobs into conspiracy theories with the Illuminati etc, etc.  But I like to listen to people with an open mind yet maintaining my personal convictions.

I almost bought a Lincoln because of the Matthew McConaughey car commercials.  Looking back with clarity I think, “Boy, that was dumb!”  See how persuadable I am?

You got to be a little more DISAGREEABLE!  You have to know who you are and what you stand for.  Believe something and stick to your convictions.  My belief is in Christ.

So a lot of people are talking about Celine Dione and her clothing line.  I don’t believe she is telling us what to do or believe but I do think she is using her fame to promote an agenda.  Which in all fairness is what countless celebrities do.

What do you think?



Do People Own Words?

I am a self-identified-chicken.  So often I do not speak up because I am afraid.  I am afraid of offending someone with my words.  Not intentionally, mind you.  I am even afraid to write this article and struggle with should I blog this?  Am I too controversial? In today’s society it seems you have to be so careful of what you say.  I do believe it is best to not say anything if you can’t say something nice, but sometimes you say something and people are offended and they get really mad! Eek!  And other times speaking up is imperative and you don’t have any control of how people will react. As they say, the only thing or person you can control is yourself!

Of course people are getting into trouble with their words and it is usually prominent people in the news.  This makes me conclude that some conversations should be private and you shouldn’t say everything you think. It’s not really a good idea.

If you say something that people don’t like they come after you in some way and sometimes very forcefully and vengeful.  Some people, not all.  There is a peer pressure of a forced apology to try and remain in their good graces, but some sins just can’t be forgiven. (But that is not true with God.)  Apologies are best when they are genuine.  But are we the judge of true remorse?

I do not and no longer envy those in the public eye for this reason.  It is such a weight to bear always having the pressure to be so precise in speech (precision of language) and perfect in all that we say.  I have failed.  And maybe so have you?

My conclusion is that it would seem we can’t say certain words and there are certain words that others are compelling us to say.  But we should have the right to free speech. Yes, there are limits to free speech.  (I’m so glad I quit twitter.)

However, I don’t think it is good for me to live cowering in fear of saying something wrong.  That definitely is not my intention.  If you never say something wrong, I guess you are a perfect person.  Who are you anyway?  I would like to know.

I don’t think people can truly own words.  I guess you can get a phrase copyrighted for a business.  But you can’t go around as the speech police and fine or throw people in jail for violating your copyright and or saying things that they find offensive.  What a scary place our corner of the world would be if we weren’t free to speak.

We are free to speak here in America, but pressures of the crowd / political correctness are making us think twice before we do so.  I was a careful person growing up and wanting to “follow the rules” to the point of fear.  But I still made my share of mistakes. I am not perfect.

I think there is such a craziness in America today regarding being offended by speech.  Words can and do hurt. They hurt my feelings! I am the first to say that as a highly-sensitive person (HSP)  But I am responsible to manage my feelings. The fear is silencing people that maybe have something really good to say.  And you wouldn’t know it because they aren’t saying anything!

What do you think? 

The Cult of Celebrity

Photo by Nathan DeFiesta on Unsplash

I idolized people. I idolized celebrities. I was unaware that I was doing that. So, in that part, I was to blame. However, if celebrities take advantage of their fans by manipulating them with any type of agenda such as political or ideological, I believe that is wrong.

When someone is famous they usually say I have a platform to share some information or promote a cause. That is my responsibility to use my platform to do some good.

What I have been awoken to is the fact that you have to all agree with the celebrity or Hollywood. You cannot have your own opinion. You cannot think for yourself. If you do you are shunned.

Why must all celebrities think alike and belong to one particular political party. Why can there not be dissent?

Hollywood celebrity is one that does not tolerate dissent. If you do you are kicked out of the group, much like when you were in high school.

This is why I deem Hollywood and the celebrity (I’m not saying all celebrities)… A Cult.

I understand that everyone is free to disagree with me because if I say that you’re not free to disagree with me then I’m like a cult leader.

Perhaps I take high control groups and cults too seriously and maybe I see them everywhere. Maybe that’s the results of being somewhat abused and in one of these groups. It could also be my own codependency. My own lack of being able to stand up for myself and what I believe.  Being too afraid to be myself…that I acquiesce to the wishes of the group.

The reason that people came to America and founded it was that they wanted the freedom to believe and think what they wanted. But what is America becoming? Are you really allowed to think for yourself?

I really feel strongly that we should be able to express our opinions in a respectful way and not tear each other down just because we don’t agree.

I love America. But my first allegiance will always have to be to my Creator, God. I know I digress.

But what I really want people to know and think about is to think about why you do things. I really want you to think about how you ARE being influenced by what is coming into your eyes and ears.

I just want people to be critical thinkers. Because I was so naïve and oblivious for so long. I’m not saying that all powerful people are evil and are oppressors. But what I am saying is to look at the people that are in charge, any people, no matter who they may be and consider what they are saying, think about it critically.

It is important to speak up. But what I’ve learned is that it’s best heard when it said in a respectful manner.

I used to think so highly of people. I used to think so highly of celebrities. I thought they were so special and I wanted to be one so badly. But somehow the veil has been torn for my eyes and I can see now. Celebrities are people just like me. They are not gods or even demigods. They are definitely not the Almighty God! (If you believe in God.)

Celebrities have just been given some incredible abilities to do certain things and they have been given those abilities by God though they may not acknowledge that. This is just my opinion. Feel free to disagree with me. There is no guru. I am no guru nor do I wish to be. I just have a lot of pent-up feelings to express! 😊

In closing, I just want to encourage you to pay attention to what is going on inside of you, if you find yourself being overly impressed with some high-profile person.  Don’t give yourself over to them.  Still listen to the quiet voice inside of you. That is all.

Other types of Cults…

Here are some thoughts for today.  What other types of groups could be considered cultish?

  • Political parties
  • The Government
  • MLM (Multi-level-Marketing Groups)
  • Hollywood (as a whole or individual celebrities can by drawing large crowds manipulate/ influence people who idolize them)

Groups are created because like-minded people get together with a common goal.  I am no cult expert, but when members within the group are forced to think and act creepily alike to me that feels like a cult.  When dissenting options are not allowed…that feels like a cult.

My husband always gives me a funny look when I mention cults. I don’t know. He just does.  But I have the right to my own opinions!  And he has his and no, we don’t always agree. 🙂

What do you think?